My name is Felix Kästner.

I am a software developer and solutions architect specialized in mobile and ubiquitous computing. I live in Dresden where I studied Computer Science at Technische Universität Dresden, receiving the academic title Master of Science.

I work as a developer for the RiDE (previously Movebis) research project doing WebGL-powered data visualizations of large geographic datasets for traffic analysis. Besides, I currently work on developing mobile applications (mostly Android) together with my good friend Philipp Matthes. We previously prototyped PeerBridge an anonymous messenger based on Blockchain and DPoS. Additionally, we were rebuilding the OUTPUT.DD Apps.

I was previously employed at MARKENZOO, where I worked as a web developer, creating and maintaining a variety of different projects mainly focused around Contao CMS.

If you find my work interesting, you might want to have a look at past conference talks at OUTPUT.DD 2021 together with Philipp Matthes. We were hosting presentations on the topics of "Microservices, DevOps and Cloud Computing"(YouTube) and "Cryptography in messengers"(YouTube).

I strive to learn new things and develop skills in a range of different areas. If you have an interesting project or want to ask me anything, you can reach out and send me a mail. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I'm currently accepting freelance work. You can contact me via hello@felix-kaestner.com

Fun fact: I am the winner of the 1st Thuringian Computer Science Competition.